While building a photobooth for our wedding, I learned quite a bit that I could do differently from learning the constraints of the project. This is a redesign, incorporating the aspects that worked the best - the hardware and the messaging on the front.

I set a few design constraints for this project. I knew it should be lightweight, easily portable, and I preferred using as much equipment that I could repurpose for other photography projects. For simplicity, I decided not to include a print out of the photos, though there are additions to this setup that would allow that. This redesign has a few benefits over the original, including a straightforward construction of the external structure, and best of all, the whole thing flat-packs! It even includes a vacuum-formed iPad holder thanks to a friend who lent me a broken iPad since I wasn't brave enough to put my working iPad in the vacuum former to pull the plastic form.

My next improvement for this project would be a visible countdown before the photos are taken to prepare people. We got a lot of great shots because people were surprised, but it would feel more refined with this feature. I featured this version of my photobooth and its predecessor on the platform Instructables, where I showcase a lot of my personal projects. To date, nearly 250,000 have viewed my photobooth designs and have created their own variations based on my shared project.